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The Academy Awards, with a focus on the acting categories and performance contenders. Oscar Nominees and Winners: for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress___By Dana Kaminski___

Best, Dana Please share with others. Thank you. I also have a blog for actors called Hollywood Actor Prep. (link)


Oscar© Nominees for Best Picture–All 10 in Legos! Contest: I wonder if you can correctly guess which Oscar Nominated Best Picture that each one of these Lego photos represent?

Use the comments section to put your answers, or if you are on Facebook, here’s a link to Hollywood Actor Prep’s Page…post the answers there if that’s easier for you.

Click on this link, to download your own (free, PDF) full copy of Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay, THE SOCIAL NETWORK.
Of course, you will be required to upload a video of yourself reading the dialogue…
(I’m kidding.)


District 9 Came In With The Additional 5 That Were Added This Year To Best Picture… Some Critics Think That It Has Belonged All Along. Here is the original short, of District 9, made by Neill Blonkamp, who directed and co-wrote the movie. Lastly, the teaser-trailer that was came out before the film was released. [...]

The_Blind_Side screensaverThe_Blind_Side screensaver

The Blind Side, One Of Ten Oscar© Nominated Films For Best Picture If you click on the image of ‘The Blind Side’ screensaver, it will open in its own page for you to copy or download. Please share + thanks… Dana

the hurt locker logothe hurt locker logo

The Hurt Locker, Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, already won a Directors Guild Award. It’s little David to the big Goliath, Avatar; for an Oscar,  now. Here’s The Hurt Locker film trailer; and two film clips. In case you are like most of America, and haven’t seen it yet. I have. I thought it was the [...]


Inglourious Basterds, Inglourius Basterds, Inglorious Bastards…
Oscar Nominated Film For Best Picture…Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino: A fantasy piece about what would’ve happened if the Jews in Germany weren’t so peaceful, a people.

Oscar Nominated directorsOscar Nominated directors

The Hurt Locker only made $12 million dollars, yet it is such a well-made film, that it beat out all the others for the DGA, including Avatar.
What are the considerations that go into an Oscar© win, for Best Picture? There’s some obvious ones, and there’s some subtle ones.
As I’ve always said, you’ve just gotta hope that the Academy Members watch the films, first. All of the films, I mean.


From The Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts And Sciences, The Press Release With Full Nominee List:
Beverly Hills, CA — Nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards were announced today (Tuesday, February 2) by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Tom Sherak, Oscar® [ACTING] nominee Anne Hathaway…
The Nominees Are….

Actress Emily Blunt and her Golden Globe AwardActress Emily Blunt and her Golden Globe Award

This Weekend Is Considered A Precursor To What Awards Will Win At The OscarsThe Golden Globes are on Sunday, NBC.
The Critics Choice Awards are on Friday, VH1.
Tom O’Neil, at The Envelope, Explains The Pattern Of Oscar Prediction

Director Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt LockerDirector Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker

“There’s just something physiological that happens when you imagine the potential of what he’s working with,” Bigelow says. “Yet, we’re creating it as a film. But just realizing that, you know as a filmmaker you can step aside and simply reveal the drama.” (From Dec 23 2009 The Envelope)

Hollywood Oscar Prep

I posted this on Hollywood Actor Prep, that’s actually where I got the code from…When I posted it there, The Wrestler hadn’t been released yet. See the bottom of the widget? Please share this site with your friends…it’s for pre-Oscar enjoyment…Thanks.

(Oh! So that’s why “The Dark Knight” didn’t get an Oscar nomination.)—But what frequently happens is that only two or three movies cross that threshold. In this case, the Academy takes the movie with the lowest number of No. 1 votes and reallocates those votes to the No. 2 choices on the ballots.

…6 The fable-like structure of the film has the strength and simplicity of a fairytale….9 The profound hatred or mistrust of corrupt wealth and the consequent adoration of lucky poverty could not have a better dramatic demonstration….10 The new air of magical realism is about to crush photographic realism in the movies.”


Slumdog Millionaire is intriguing, though, because it is very difficult to pin down. Some audiences, promised a “feelgood” extravaganza, have been disconcerted to find themselves watching slum children deliberately blinded with acid…

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