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The Academy Awards, with a focus on the acting categories and performance contenders. Oscar Nominees and Winners: for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress___By Dana Kaminski___
Directors + Producers Guild Winner
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Last night, Tom Hooper of THE KING’S SPEECH won the Director’s Guild Award. That’s another win that surprised the rest of the Industry, as THE KING’S SPEECH also took the Producer’s Guild Award recently.

For months, everyone was sure that THE SOCIAL NETWORK was a shoo-in for every award, leading to the Oscars and to win that one, too….So certain was everyone, that even the Oscar pundit sites were stuck with little competition (drama) to write about.

But then, David Fincher did not win last night.

I’m not big on being an Academy Awards prognosticator; I’ll leave that to the real experts, who yearly have made the Oscars an exciting race as they measure and weigh each element.

I will report that most of Hollywood regards the Directors Guild Award Winner as the indicator of which film will win the Best Picture Oscar.

Personally, I’m still not counting on anything. I don’t know if the future can be read this year, especially with all this late-in-the-game change. I know that THE KING’S SPEECH has the feel of a good solid old-fashioned film. A real classic film. Except for the F word, of course.

Harvey Weinstein had publicly said he was considering doing a re-cut of THE KING’s SPEECH, to make it a film that more of the type the families could go and see together. (Which would mean it would probably play in more theaters.) Weinstein stated he would bolster the focus on the development of the friendship between the two male leads. That sounded good to me, as it did seem that as good as THE KING’S SPEECH is, adding the relationship could make it a great picture. I wonder if, after all these wins, he’s decided to not change a thing.
(Personally, I do think it’s a good movie. I don’t think it’s great, as is; the F-word is cute especially for the time period, but it seems a bit overworked, manipulative. Pressing the puerile comedy button, a bit too much.)

THE SOCIAL NETWORK still has a chance, mostly because I think Hollywood adores Aaron Sorkin. He is this towns super-bright writer baby. Doesn’t matter whether he writes for TV or movies, he’s due for some honoring…That’s just how I see the underlying sentiment here.

As far as a great movie, I think THE SOCIAL NETWORK is very good. It moves. The pace is just so exciting, the writing is Sorkin superb.

Problem is, it’s not really the truth. It’s a great script based on real life events, a real life person/ persons; that stuck to the legal boundaries, but still…made enough tweaks for the sake of the drama (it seems), that it not only isn’t true…that it painted a very ugly and unfair portrait of the kid whose story it’s based on. All for the sake of making a dramatic movie.

Hollywood’s a funny place: For all it’s reputation of having little morality, when the old guard puts a vote in, they often vote with morality in mind.

There’s other considerations on both sides, variable elements that could push the vote for Best Picture one way or the other, at the Academy Awards. It could even go to a different choice, as a result of these two movies being such strong competition, to each other.

Here’s the rest of the winners from the DGA Awards 2011:

Feature Film: Tom Hooper, “The King’s Speech”
Documentary: Charles Ferguson, “Inside Job”
Movies for Television and Mini-Series: Mick Jackson, “Temple Grandin”
Dramatic Series: Martin Scorsese, “Boardwalk Empire”
Comedy Series: Michael Spiller, “Modern Family: Halloween”
Musical Variety: Glenn Weiss, “64th Annual Tony Awards”
Reality Programs: Eytan Keller, “The Next Iron Chef,” Episode #301
Daytime Serials: Larry Carpenter, “One Life to Live: Star X’d Lovers, the Musical: Part Two”
Children’s Programs: Eric Bross, “The Boy Who Cried Werewolf”
Commercials: Stacy Wall, “Rise, Really?”, “Slim Chin & D Rose,” “Handshake”

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