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The Academy Awards, with a focus on the acting categories and performance contenders. Oscar Nominees and Winners: for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress___By Dana Kaminski___
female director oscar statisticfemale director oscar thm

A video montage of the 2012 narrative films made by women such as Vera Farmiga, Angelina Jolie.
Statistics of Academy Awards and women directors: There were 5 female directors of Best Picture-nominated films from 2007 to 2010…

Actor Oscar nominated Gary OldmanBest supporting Actor Oscar nominee Gary Oldman small

Actors and other 2012 Academy Award nominees show how they feel by holding up signs with a 3 word expression. Video.

oscar pundit predictions 2012oscar pundit predictions 2012

Academy Awards Winner Predictions 2012 –from 50 Best Known Oscar Prognosticators.


How Good Is This?!  There are  7 pages of these Oscar facts, at Empire Online. Kudos to Phil De Semlyen, for compiling such a handsome collection of Academy Academy Award information. Intentionally, I don’t call this trivia, that’s too trifling for what this is. If you’re a stickler for exactitude, then check the comments section [...]

kevin kline won an oscar for a fish called wandaactor kevin kline thm

With Kevin Kline and Mike Myers. ©AMPAS

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mike myers in charactermike myers in funny oscar video

Mike Myers, Kevin Kline…Outtakes. Be forewarned; and a mature audience, please.


  Including Oscars® 2012, Carol Leifer has written for 5 Academy Awards Shows, 3 of ‘em with Billy Crystal as host. She gave this interview, by phone, to Vanity Fair; but I know her since New York Improvisation days…so I figure its alright to repost her interview here.   Julie Miller: How stressed are you feeling [...]

nominee best actor bechirnominee best actor bechir

They repeat their answers, on this entertaining video.
(I don’t fault them, do you? I mean…What else are they supposed to do??)

oscar-ballot-2012-graphicoscar-ballot-leading actress

Here it is again! The 2012 Academy Awards Nominee Ballot. Click on the graphic below to open the page with an official, unmarked Oscar ballot. Print, mark your choices…

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kodak_theater_academy_awardskodak theatre thm

The Academy Awards [Oscars] will still be there, but it will no longer be called the Kodak Theater by this Sunday’s broadcast…

Oscar Press Release AuditionsOscar Press Release Auditions

College Students Only…Here’s The Email From The Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts And Sciences And KABC:

84th academy awards84th academy awards

Printable Cheat Sheet :: 2012 Academy Awards® Nominations Actor In a Leading Role Demián Bichir A Better Life George Clooney The Descendants Jean Dujardin The Artist Gary Oldman Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Brad Pitt Moneyball Actress In a Leading Role Glenn Close Albert Nobbs Viola Davis The Help Rooney Mara The Girl with the Dragon [...]

Actor Oscar Winning Best Actor Colin FirthActor Oscar Winning Best Actor Colin Firth

People often don’t understand the significance of the other film crew talents that go into the collaboration of a film. I liked this because Tom Hooper described it clearly, using specifics from the Best Picture from the 83rd Academy Awards, THE KING’S SPEECH, as profound example

the kings speech winning academy award stagethe kings speech winning academy award stage

1. Director Tom Hooper’s mother did find see the play that Oscar-winning THE KING’S SPEECH was made from, and she did call her son about it. Yes, she did say that she found his next movie. However, he didn’t listen to her, not then, anyway. Hooper says that he was busy making JOHN ADAMS at [...]

83rd Academy Awards, Arrivals

Academy Awards® Arrivals – Gallery I (PHOTOS)

Dana's 83rd oscar picksDana

Do I think these will win?  Guessing the results of tonight’s 83rd Academy Awards® was not in my consideration, when choosing my own Oscar® winners. I assume that my choices may be different than many, and probably will not be the same as those of the majority of The Academy® members. I state that because [...]

oscar bingo cardoscar bingo card

Here it is! Download the bingo cards in PDF and print to play during the 83rd Academy Awards…(Earlier This Year, I Got An Email From A Reporter In FRANCE Asking About Oscar® Bingo…
It’s one of the most popular things that I post on Oscar Prep.)

map of camera locations and shotsmap of camera locations and shots

At The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences®…
The other night…they explained why the specific reason for this year’s Oscars® theme: “You’re Invited”.
“All Access”, “Backstage Pass”, Facebook Page, And Twitter…

actor james franco spidermanactor james franco spiderman

James Franco Posted This Himself…
It’s a recording of his singing a song that was going to be part of the Academy Awards® broadcast…and has since been cut.  How cool is it that James Franco put it on the net, singing ‘warts’ and all??


Check Out This New Media Advancement For The Academy Awards® This looks like a really cool new thing. It’s called     “The All Access Pass”. On your computer, and iPhone too…You will be able to have access to different angles of the red carpet, and most especially–you’ll be able to watch the Oscar® Winners [...]

clapboard for actors james franco and anne hathaway oscars hostsclapboard for actors james franco and anne hathaway oscars hosts

James Franco And Anne Hathaway Prep For The Oscars® The Commercial: The Outtakes:

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I’m busy watching movies so as to be completely ready for the Academy Awards®. I’m aiming to get most of them up here on Oscar® Prep, in the form of reviews…so yup, I’m busy. But I am psyched to learn that the elusive street artist Banksy is in town for the Oscars®, it seems! The [...]

Actor Colin Firth As George VI THE KINGS SPEECHActor Colin Firth As George VI THE KINGS SPEECH

What I love about the acting prep which Firth talks about, it’s all about the inner life…it’s empathetic, emotionally, to the King. Colin Firth connects to the King, and identifies on an emotional level. And, he doesn’t simplify it, by ‘going for [an emotional] result’ as he preps the acting role, and decides how to approach this character… He discusses the character not only with a intellectual understanding of what is going through the mind of the King—but in a way that is an emotional process, with active emotional reality. There are big stakes, but not just in theory. Rather, in emotional ‘actibility’.

James Franco, both an Oscar® Best Actor Nominee, and an 83rd Academy Awards® show host, commented on the illogical snark that’s been lobbed about his and Anne Hathaway’s hosting this year: It was funny to me when the announcement was made about Anne and I hosting, because a lot of the reaction was like, ‘Oh, [...]

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Hollywood-Elsewhere’s Jeff Wells is a skilled film writer with a notoriously contentious comment section. He’s been doing Oscar® predicting and pundit-ing for years; earning him more and bigger movie ads on his site than anyone else’s. This year’s Oscar® race doesn’t have much sparkle or spunk. Lots of talent, yet little competition. Especially for those [...]

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Every year, at the Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, they take a big photo of all the Oscar® Nominees for that year. Here’s the photo with all the Oscar® Nominees for 2011. For a closer view, please go to my actor’s blog, Hollywood Actor Prep. That’s a direct link to the [...]

Oscar® Best Supporting Actress Nominee, Hailee Steinfeld, TRUE GRITOscar® Best Supporting Actress Nominee, Hailee Steinfeld, TRUE GRIT

Oscar® Best Supporting Actress Nominee, Hailee Steinfeld, TRUE GRIT–Yes, agreed, she really was a lead actress in TRUE GRIT. This little girl pulled the whole film along. I guess they felt she would have a better chance of winning as a Best Supporting Actress…

83RD ACADEMY AWARD® NOMINEES TO BE HONORED AT ACADEMY LUNCHEON Beverly Hills, CA – Nineteen of the 20 nominees in the acting categories will be among more than 140 Oscar® nominees who will gather at noon on Monday, February 7, at the Beverly Hilton when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honors this [...]

Best, Dana Please share with others. Thank you. I also have a blog for actors called Hollywood Actor Prep. (link)

Please take note: In the movie trailers for THE FIGHTER, I found that they revealed too much about the story! If you haven’t seen the film yet, please refrain from watching the trailer. It may ruin the film for you, since the story is pretty basic. It’s a good movie, and worth it, to wait [...]

Oscar® Nominated Actress, Melissa Leo, buys her own “For Your Consideration” ad, for an Academy Award. Props to Melissa Leo, who truly is a real fighter. Applause…

Best Actor Oscar Nominee colin firth kings speechBest Actor Oscar Nominee colin firth kings speech

The King’s Speech featurette: With film scenes and ‘behind the scenes’.


Oscar© Nominees for Best Picture–All 10 in Legos! Contest: I wonder if you can correctly guess which Oscar Nominated Best Picture that each one of these Lego photos represent?

Use the comments section to put your answers, or if you are on Facebook, here’s a link to Hollywood Actor Prep’s Page…post the answers there if that’s easier for you.

Click on this link, to download your own (free, PDF) full copy of Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay, THE SOCIAL NETWORK.
Of course, you will be required to upload a video of yourself reading the dialogue…
(I’m kidding.)


A recording from 1937 of a King George VI broadcast. After that, watch newsreel footage of his coronation as King.

Last night, Tom Hooper of THE KING’S SPEECH won the Director’s Guild Award. That’s another win that surprised the rest of the Industry, as THE KING’S SPEECH also took the Producer’s Guild Award recently. For months, everyone was sure that THE SOCIAL NETWORK was a shoo-in for every award, leading to the Oscars and to [...]

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg makes a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live, while actor Jesse Eisenberg (Best Actor Oscar Nominee) hosts the show. VIDEO.

The following passage comes at the end of every email sent by the Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts And Sciences. ABOUT THE ACADEMY The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is the world’s preeminent movie-related organization, with a membership of more than 6,000 of the most accomplished men and women working in cinema. In [...]

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Oscar Poster 2011Oscar Poster Celebrating 80 Years Of Best Picture Awarded Movies

Every Year, The Oscars® Get A New Poster Design, Designated Just For That Year
May I Introduce You The 83rd Oscars® Poster?
Here’s another poster that I especially like…

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Download your own official Oscar® Ballot, and print it out if you’d like. Click to have a new window open with the Academy Awards® 2011 Ballot. Best, Dana Please share this with others, so they may enjoy it also.

Um um. Just would not happen. Not one Oscar winning Director has ever set foot on Los Angeles public transportation, unless it was a rental and on a soundstage, being used in a scene in a movie. Danny Boyle, the Oscar-winning director of “Slumdog Millionaire” and newly minted multiple nominee for “127 Hours,” is currently [...]

oscar statuetteoscar statuette

I pasted this Oscar® Nominations list from the Press Release that the Academy Awards® sent to my email this morning. I did fool around with the order of nominees …
Nominations for the 83rd Academy Awards


Javier Bardem in “Biutiful” (Roadside Attractions)
Jeff Bridges in “True Grit” (Paramount)
Jesse Eisenberg in “The Social Network” (Sony Pictures Releasing)….

actor robert deniro honored lifetime golden globesactor robert deniro honored lifetime golden globes

At the Golden Globes, Robert DeNiro will get the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award, this year.
Facts and information about DeNiro’s acting awards and who got this award before him. Wierdly so.

christian bale oscar win for acting the fighterchristian bale oscar win for acting the fighter

The acting nominations have not been announced as yet. But if these guys don’t make it in, then The Academy needs an infusion of people who know acting…or those who are in simply need to watch everything (and not at bedtime).

83rd academy awards telecast date83rd academy awards telecast date

Hollywood Oscar Prep, by Dana Kaminski, Will Return 2 Months Prior To The Academy Awards®, On December 27, 2010.


Listed, printable Oscar winners from the 82nd Academy Awards with the category nominees listed as well…from the films of 2009.

Sandra Bullock And Sean Penn with oscar and envelopeSandra Bullock  And  Sean Penn with oscar and envelope

…For making me practice every day when I got home. Piano, ballet, whatever it is I wanted to be. She said to be an artist, you had to practice every day, and for reminding her daughters…


Bridges didn’t need to win it for a ‘sum of the acting parts’… This one, in Crazy Heart, was that specific, deep, seamless, real. An Oscar winning performance, for a solidly Oscar-able actor. [speech transcript]

Acting Oscar Winner Mo'NiqueActing Oscar Winner Mo

…To my amazing husband Sidney, thank you for showing me that sometimes you have to forego doing what’s popular in order to do what’s right. And baby, you were so right…


And this is your welcoming embrace and there’s no way I can ever thank you enough, but I can start right now…


I will put a photograph for now, to represent what I considered to be exceptional about this Oscar year.

Oscars for Acting ---pete hammond tom o'neil

Katherine Hepburn quoted here: ‘You always win an Academy Award for the wrong role.’Here’s a video with two Oscarologists from the LA Times, on when Oscars® have been awarded for different performances than the role for which the actor wins an Academy Award for. L.A. Times’s Pete Hammond and Tom O’Neil, on video about the Acting Oscars, at the Hollywood Museum.

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Oscar statue thumbnail sizeOscar statue thumbnail size

Out of deference to longevity of relationship, and also because he is so smart about film, I am putting up Jeffrey’s final predictions for who will win the Oscar. He has a site called Hollywood-Elsewhere…

and the winner is will be said at oscarsand the winner is will be said at oscars

It was always a winner, anyway, as they opened the envelope and named that one Oscar come-and-get-it-at-the-podium, at the Academy Awards…Whether they stated it as such, or not. So. This year it will be stated outright–
:: And The Winner Is ::

pete hammond quotepete hammond quote

Preferential Voting, New To Oscar Voters, And Us All…
Thankfully, Oscarologist Pete Hammond understands how it works, and explains it in a simple way.

Best acting from twitter people voicesred twitter bird by alex mathers

I Tweeted A Day-Before-Oscars Question:
‘What Oscar Nominated Acting Performance Knocked Your Socks Off?’
Here are some of the tweets that I got back:

josh horowitz of mtvjosh horowitz of mtv

I think I see Stephen Lang working hard not to laugh, in this video. Look, his eyes are smiling!

oscar performance award comicoscar performance award comic

A comic by Doug Savage about the Oscars and choosing actors that win for longevity rather than recent performance.

Fake Oscar Statue on Runyon canyon hollywoodFake Oscar Statue on Runyon canyon hollywood

The inscription reads: Beauty is just a snip away. Here’s the photo, and For An Article On This Art Piece and What It’s About
…Click Link To Hollywood Actor Prep…

oscar bingo card 1

Thanks to, you can print out these 9 bingo cards, and play during the show.

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